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Murphy and the Law of Attraction?

May 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Mr. Murphy Law Strikes Again! Last week Monique had a few of her co-worker friends over at the house Friday night to celebrate our son’s 18th birthday and unannounced she invites them to see the train room. Uh oh, whut!!!!  Being unprepared for the impromptu tour I head up to the room, turned on the lights and the power strips to all the lights and such. Sweat begins to well up on my brow…… So I am showing them around the train room point out some new scenery I just put in earlier in the day, and then Monique says..."Turn on the trains and run them around a bit...." Oh boy, I knew this would be trouble, I’m on the spot now! Then I power up the DCC system and plug in the wireless throttle and turn on the power to the track, and my NS loco with sound enabled decoder does not start up! Funny thing, because typically without even selecting it and when I turn on the track power the sound starts right up on the loco like the diesels are just getting revved up! Not this time! Enter Mr. Murphy! Only the front head light is on. I select the loco again and still nothing. I take the loco off the track and put it on another section of track, select it again and still nada! Oh well, so I run another loco and then it stops on some dirty track! Dang…Mr. Murphy again! Can you say the phrase “not prepared?” Had I known that we were going to demonstrate the layout I would have cleaned the track and tested all the equipment before hand. Be Prepared from the old Boy Scout days would have come in handy right about them. Earlier in the day I was installing new scenery and such and did not clean track or run trains at all. Mr. Murphy you can go home now. A couple days later I go up to the train room by my self just to check everything out and so I turn on everything, power up the DCC system and enable the track power and then select the sound enabled loco, and sure enough everything works fine. Even the other loco on the still “dirty” track runs like a charm! I cannot tell you what I did to make it work this time around, not even sure what made it not work on the night of the “demonstration”. In any case, I’m happy that everything is working now and not actually “broken”. Fingers crossed! So, there you go another episode of Mr. Murphy and the law of model railroading.

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