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Almost 2 months with no layout progress

June 17th, 2008 · No Comments

So I've been busy with other things like graduations, vacations, summer cookouts, movies, cooking and being with the family. The last time I worked on the layout was in April and I have not touched it since except to show it off once or twice to a few friends or family. It's not that I planned to be away from the layout for so long, but life has a way of taking over and other things happen. The burning desire to get into the train room has died too a bit, I was always eager to get in there and start up a new project, but that desire is not there as once before. Now I just miss getting in there and spending the day on making some progress. I must confess that there are about a dozen unfinished projects that require my attention such as:
  1. Installing ground throws on manual switches in yard
  2. Installing Tortoise electrical switches (still have to figure out the wiring method) on main
  3. Add ties to staging yard track
  4. Ballast the staging yard track
  5. Add details to the roundhouse renovation
  6. Clean the track
  7. Build some of the kits for the details to add to the roundhouse renovation (see #4 above)
  8. Finish backdrop behind staging yard
    1. Sand the patch
    2. Paint the backdrop
    3. Add clouds to the backdrop
  9. Finish the Allied Rail Rebuilders kit with details, painting, weathering, etc...
  10. Finish the road details for the locomotive servicing facility
  11. Add sanding tower and base
  12. Add diesel fuel and oil tanks
The list goes on......oh my!

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