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Having your layout construction contracted out - a debate

April 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Read and interesting thread posted in the Layouts and Layout Building Forum in MR online today about having your layout construction contracted out instead of doing it yourself. Contracted Layout Building in MR is the title of the thread and there seems to be a debate by folks who have their layout paid to be built. The debate is if this is a good or a bad thing in the MR hobby. This is my posted entry on the topic:
To each his own! I don't give a rats behind hoot if someone wants to blow their money on having their layout built.If someone has the money and can afford to contract out the work of building a layout, more power to em! Probably gets the layout up a lot faster than the DIY folks, (BTW that includes yours truly!) Cool [8D] I consider myself a DIY kinda guy, not just for building my layout, but for around the house too. I take pride in doing tasks around the house that most people have to pay to "get er done"! Like painting (interior/exterior), minor electrical work, carpentry, flooring, dry wall, woodworking, etc... I save a lot of hard earned dough ($$$) by doing it myself around the house. Now the stuff I will not do is roofing and major electrical like putting in a new circuit. I have worked with both, but do not have the skill set to do it reliably. Now, it might take me six months put that 900 sq. ft. of tile floor in working nights and weekends, but I saved a lot of money in the process, no, a ton of money! And I can say it did it myself! Pride! I like the satisfaction I get when looking back at a finished project on the layout or in the home and knowing it was built with my hands, not someone else's. I also know what my skill set can handle, and when I don't have the skills I try to learn as much as I can about how to approach a new task. Some folks have the skills and patience to get things done themselves and some don't. Those folks who don't' have the time, energy, or acumen have to pay to get it done! What's wrong with that? I wish there were more folks out there looking to pay people to get their layout built; I would love to get paid to build em! Talk about a dream job, building model railroads and getting paid to do it!

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