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Renovations and Motivations

October 3rd, 2007 · No Comments

Roundhouse & Roundtable ProjectI put a lot of time into the layout recently with my focus on the roundhouse and turntable renovation projects. Both go hand in hand with a central theme of building out the locomotive terminal facility for the PD. This area of the layout is one of the first things that you see when entering the train room, besides the staging yard it stands out from rest of the layout as a specific design element feature. Included with the roundhouse and turntable tracks there will be at least 6 other storage tracks leading off the turntable in addition to the 6 contained within the protection of the roundhouse. And one of these tracks is already wired as the DCC programming track. One thing that has tried my patience lately is building the remaining 4 of the inspection pits. The Stewart Hobbies metal kits are becoming a bear with the final two, in particular I seem to be rushing the process a bit and this has caused some minor set backs. One of the kits has become such a trial that it suffered a fatal accident and will now only be used for spare parts...ugh! I have totally scraped the use of the brass rods to secure the side walls and have favored the technique of gluing the side walls directly to the wood floor base. This has slowed the process a bit as one side can be glued at a time, and this results in an overnight drying process for each side, then I add more CA again for added strength and then another overnight setup. The inspection pits are a critical point in the work since the roundhouse track and floor laying depend on the inspection pit installation first. The goal is to complete building the remaining kits for the two inspection pits and have them painted and installed into the sub-roadbed by this Friday (10/05/07). Then the final track laying and styrene concrete flooring can be completed. Once these steps are completed I can start with detailing and renovating the roundhouse. I find that when I make a punch list or detailed "To Do" list that I have more focus and direction, but most importantly it gives me a road map to follow and a guideline. The list also provides motivation to move, add, or change any of the items on the list. With this flexibility I am able to focus on the specific steps needed to achieve the results. It also gives me a picture at a glance of what needs to happen and in what order, making sure that I do not skip a step that needs to be done before other work gets started. The Roundhouse Turntable Renovation Project includes the following action plans:
  1. Track
    • Complete inspection pits
    • Lay track
    • Wire track to DCC buss with SPST switches (includes step 2 below) isolating each for on/off positions
    • Mount and wire turntable motor to DPDT switch for reversing direction and also a rheostat for variable speed
  2. Fascia board
    • Mount fascia board from end of staging freight yard up to end of swing bridge
    • Cut and attach UP5 for area between middle of freight yard and roundhouse area
    • Mount SPST, DPDT, and rheostat for roundtable track and turntable
  3. Backdrop
    • Measure and cut hardboard for backdrop
    • Paint backdrop
    • Add clouds
  4. Roof
    • Remove the existing roof from the roundhouse building, and then repair and reinforce the sub-roofing and support structure
    • Make roof a single removable piece so that inside details can be viewed when lifted
    • Add a simulated tar paper roof using either fine grit sand paper with the paper removed, or utilizing masking tape, both cut to 3' scale feet widths
  5. Detailing
    • Build and add details to the interior and exterior of the roundhouse
    • Repair windows
    • Repair wood trim
    • Paint roundhouse interior and exterior
    • Oil and fuel storage tanks built and placed in designated areas
    • Metal working machinery painted and added, includes a drill press, lathe tool maker and tool grider
    • Various tools
    • Propane and acetylene tanks
    • Oil drums
    • Dumpsters
    • Metal storage cages
    • Industrial machinery loads
    • Compressor
    • Various MOW equipment including rail lifter
    • Weathering all details, roundhouse, turntable, and track
  6. Scenery
    • Gravel and asphalt roads and parking areas around the roundhouse
    • Ground material and ground cover (Sculptamold and scenery base a la Joe Fugate)
    • Paint ground scenery base
    • Apply dirt, grass, foliage, weeds, trees
    • Create hills and bearm built up to main line track behind roundhouse, benchwork edge and backdrop
    • Ballast added and weathering applied
As the work continues the punch list will change and modify based on the successes or failures along the way. Cheers, Ryan

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