Photo Gallery Part VIII
December 2007

    Backdrop, fascia board, and scenery base application. ~ Saturday, December 1, 2007

  • Backdrop cuts made for future bracket attachment for upper deck.

  • Fascia board measured, cut, and attached to left side of control panel.

  • Scenery base applications.

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    Roundhouse renovations continue. ~ Sunday, December 2, 2007

  • Removed the card stock roof from the roundhouse sub roofing structure.

  • Cleaned up the dried 30+ year old glue from the card stock and the structure. Using an X-acto knife I gingerly cut the seam where the card stock roof material met with the metal roofing supports. Some areas had a heavy application of what appears to have been Elmer's while glue. The dried glue required much work to be removed without damaging either the card stock or the roof supports. A very thin layer of the card stock was compromised to remove the dried glue, this was necessary in order to ensure a tight fit once the roof is re-attached with magnets. The roof will be removable for interior viewing opportunities and to get a better view of the interior details.

  • Close-up images of the roundhouse and interior without the roof.

  • Added simulated tar roof shingles to office roof with measured and cut masking tape. Using a technique I learn awhile ago, I used strips of masking tape and measured them to a scale 2' width. Once the lengths were cut I measured and cut a shingle flap cut every scale 3'. The next step will be to paint and weather the roof to create a simulated tar shingle roof.

  • More images of the roundhouse.

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    CSX Rail and Flange Greaser ~ Saturday, December 8, 2007

  • We ran across this device a few weeks ago and finally returned with the camera. Grease is all over the place and there is an apron material between the rails that seems to catch the excess grease, and plenty of leaves and debris too getting caught by the grease clumps. Going to think about modeling a few of these on the PD. Now many may say we were trespassing, but if you look down a bit in the background of the fourth and fifth images you will see other folks crossing, this is a sidewalk way that crosses over the tracks from the Baptist College and leading to the Wake Forest town square, it gets plenty of daily foot traffic. Actually, I am surprised that there are no warning signs or postings anywhere around these tracks.

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