Photo Gallery Part XIII
August 2008

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    Detail Parts getting a coat of paint, drill press, lathe and machining tool ~ August 3, 2008

    Alexander Scale Models: detail parts for the roundhouse and locomotive servicing facility

    Worked on repairing a Walther's #6 left turnout due to de-railing.

    Camera Depth of Field Testing ~ August 5, 2008

    Finally learned how to set the f-stop aperture setting on the digital camera for more depth of field

    Machinery details for RH and servicing facility

    Southern E6 Locomotive on the Turntable

    DT&I Boxcar

    Photo Shopped the background into this one with the Prime Mover on the flat bed car

    Roundhouse Interior and Exterior

    Photo Shop Fun ~ August 6, 2008

    Photo Shopped some more backgrounds into these images for fun.

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    New Piedmont Division Logo Banner ~ August 12, 2008

    Some more PhotoShop fun with creating a new logo banner.

    More painting done on the detail parts machining tools and oil storage tanks. ~ August 15, 2008

    Using the high watt lamp taking more photos of the machining tools with new paint and then diesel oil storage tank.

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